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The Future Direction at CLS

Next year, CLS expansion could either focus on higher grades (5-6), or lower (preschool/child care). Either way, we would need many more students to support another teacher. Parents, grandparents, and guardians: if you have a preference, please contact the school or leave a comment here. The decision may be partly based upon how many students we are likely to have either way. The more certain our school board can be about your child’s attendance next year, the more influence your input will have on which way we will go.

Three years ago, Bethany’s members thought it only remotely possible that a school could be operating this year. It may seem to you that the obstacles to expansion are also great, but God is glorified through our weakness. “We are weak but He is strong.” Thanks be to God for what He makes possible!

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Want to know more about “Lutheran”?

The name “Lutheran” has been around a long time, sometimes praised, other times vilified. It’s in the name of our school, too. If you want to know more about what it means to be Lutheran, there’s a nicely arranged list of books you might want to read, recently posted by Dr. Gene Edward Veith. Take a look. It starts you off easy, and gets progressively deeper.

If you want to jump to the heart of what “Lutheran” means historically and in terms of what Lutherans teach, you could start with the Lutheran Confessions. They are in that list, and an older English translation is also online for free, at

Then again, if you would rather do your learning face-to-face with someone who can answer your questions, Pastor Jacobsen (the CLS Principal) also offers a special class just for that purpose. It takes between 6 and 21 weeks, depending on how deep you’d like the discussion to go. And it’s free.

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