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Meet Our School Board Members: Herb Klaviter

Our school board members have answered some interview questions about themselves and their connection to Columbia Lutheran School. On the School Board page of Columbia’s web site, you can see their pictures, but here you can know them a little better.  The first members we feature is Herb Klaviter, currently serving as chairman of the School Board.

How long have you lived in the area?
36 years
What’s your church background?
What’s your family background?
What’s your connection to Columbia Lutheran School?
President of the School Board
What do you believe about the role of father and mother?
Their roles are key in fulfilling God’s design. Children need parenting; they need parents.
What do you believe about the importance of the Christian faith?
It is a gift freely given by God, not found or made by man.
Why should parents who are not Lutheran, or not Christian, still consider Columbia Lutheran School?
To establish a good foundation for life. There is no better foundation than a solid Christian education.
What should parents in The Dalles know about the classical model of education?
It teaches the process of rational thinking. That’s something needed by all, and beneficial to all.
To your mind, what makes the classical model of education important?
The step by step training process, leading through the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) to the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, science, and music).
Who can benefit from an education with Columbia Lutheran School?
All who attend. Anyone!
How do you describe the value or worth of a CLS education?
It will develop the virtues needed by our students to become active and effective citizens in society
What benefit do you think CLS will have for the mid-Columbia community?
Very positive

More interviews with the other School Board members to come…

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