Can My Child Be Exceptionally Gifted?

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At the same time, parents can have inner fears about the innate gifts or liabilities that their children will eventually show while also appreciating and rejoicing in those gifts as they become apparent. Does it really help a child’s development to play some classical music in the home at a young age? How much does […]

Ever Wondered Why CLS Teaches Latin? Here You Go.

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Last month I read David Epstein’s new book, Range, thinking that it might be a good explanation of the advantages that a liberal arts (classical) education can provide to young scholars. It did not disappoint. But if you don’t want to read the whole book yet, you might take a look at this article Epstein […]

Top Ten Reasons for Studying Latin

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Usually these lists are quick reads, and mostly for the humor. This time it’s a carefully constructed and well-presented set of reasons for learning Latin. If you have had your doubts, or if the young Latin student in your house has expressed complaints about his or her work, then you may want to take a […]

Bethany Lutheran Church, CLS, and the Souls of our Community

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This article describes a trend that has been noticed in many parts of American public and private life for some years. Several American generations have on the whole lost a deep appreciation for the value of faith, especially the most formative faith of western civilization: Christianity. There has been a strong push toward multiculturalism on […]

What Happened to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence?

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Here’s a brief run-down about the later lives of some of those who made this courageous step.

The Classical Adjustment to “Differentiation”

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One of the buzzwords for a while now in education theory is “differentiation.” This is the concept that some students in your classroom will learn differently than others, and by assessing their learning styles and needs, you can customize the instruction they receive by grouping students together with similar needs. This was the subject of […]

Science at a Christian School? It’s a Natural Fit!

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The Columbia Lutheran School science textbooks were written by Dr. Jay Wile, and some of our K-4 students even look forward to science as a favorite class. Dr. Wile wrote an article you might find enlightening about the relationship between Christianity and science, mainly because it presents that relationship as it stands historically, rather than […]

The Liberal Breadth of Classical Education

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Those new to the term “classical education” might be familiar with an older name for it: “liberal arts.” But even that term is often misunderstood. A “liberal arts” focus in college is sometimes denigrated as a way to get out of real academic work. No doubt some students have hoped this to be the case, […]