Standardized Testing? How about Adaptive Testing!

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Columbia Lutheran School is using the Measures of Academic Progress from the Northwest Evaluation Association for an objective measure of our students’ academic progress. Over the summer, we looked into using it as an independent school, but found that the cost that way was far beyond our reach in this first year. However, it turns out that the network of schools we are associated with in the ELS and the WELS has also been investigating MAP. The great news is that this has made MAP affordable for CLS, with the full array of benefits for our students.

Test are conducted online, through our computer network. The test algorithm presents questions to a student in an order based upon the student’s performance. When a student gets an answer wrong, the test offers an easier question. When the answer is right, the test offers a harder question.

Instead of returning results based within a grade level, this kind of test provides results on a much larger scale. Performance is measured in several areas within a subject, and results show the level of performance in each area across all the levels included in the test. That means that teachers have more informative results that show areas of strength or concern, and can adapt their teaching responsively.

In addition, the MAP test can be administered up to four times in the same year, giving feedback on the students’ learning in time for further adjustments to be made.

Parents, please feel welcome to ask your child’s teacher to share the MAP testing results with you.

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