Ever Wondered Why CLS Teaches Latin? Here You Go.

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Last month I read David Epstein’s new book, Range, thinking that it might be a good explanation of the advantages that a liberal arts (classical) education can provide to young scholars. It did not disappoint. But if you don’t want to read the whole book yet, you might take a look at this article Epstein published on The Guardian.

There is a planned post for the Columbia Lutheran School blog site explaining the advantages of late specialization, but if you want to see the research behind that idea, please read Epstein. Also, when it comes to teaching Latin, keep in mind that it’s not taught at classical schools in the tradition of a foreign language elective where students can specialize in the hope of someday visiting a certain exotic land. Learning Latin is all about the general-purpose mastery of language in general, together with the opportunity to benefit more deeply from the great conversation of western civilization. There are many exotic lands from the past that you can visit with a trip to the library, and visiting those places allows you to understand the wider world of the present day. The study of Latin can be your introduction.

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