Why Uniforms?

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A uniform is a strict dress code. Sometimes it’s so strict that everyone must wear exactly identical articles of clothing. The dress code is not so strict at Columbia, but it allows the student body to dress in a uniform way, so that they have a consistent, comparable, and pleasing appearance.

With a uniform dress code, families are better able to ensure that their students are prepared for school every day. It simplifies shopping for school clothes and also simplifies the process of getting ready for school each morning.

From the students’ point of view, wearing uniforms helps remind them of their vocation as students. Military and police uniforms do the same thing for the men and women in those vocations. It gives the group a deeper sense of community and identity, fostering cooperation and mutual support. Like a band dressed to play a concert or professionals dressed to work in a downtown office building, students dressed to learn will find it easier to do so, and will find that they perform at a higher level.

Instead of being distracted by comparisons between “haves” and “have nots,” and between the “ins” and the “outs,” students can spend more precious time focused on their studies. Even young children tend to worry about fitting in. These worries can detract greatly from their focus and their contentment. A uniform dress code helps to avoid those problems.

The requirement of wearing uniforms is an advantage for parents and students because it means less stress at home and better focus at school.

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