Local Matching Donation Provided for Columbia Lutheran School

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Columbia Lutheran School enrollment for 2015-2016 is up by 125%! Thanks be to God! If growth in that range continues next year, then the school will be near the sweet spot for cash flow, where tuition pays for school expenses with the lowest possible student:teacher ratio. But for now, we are very thankful that a local donor has again offered a $10,000 matching donation, which we are trying to match by Thanksgiving of this year. As of today, we’re about a quarter of the way there. With $10,000 raised, the matching money will make it $20,000. If there is anything over $10,000 raised, the excess will bolster our tuition assistance fund. As we are still in a growth or building mode, this generous donation is important for paying school expenses this year as we continue to pray for further growth next year.

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