Science at a Christian School? It’s a Natural Fit!

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The Columbia Lutheran School science textbooks were written by Dr. Jay Wile, and some of our K-4 students even look forward to science as a favorite class. Dr. Wile wrote an article you might find enlightening about the relationship between Christianity and science, mainly because it presents that relationship as it stands historically, rather than the atheistic propaganda that our public schools are forced to present. There are some dedicated educators at public schools who do good work, but the entire system is hamstrung because the “separation between church and state” is forced upon their teaching, resulting in a scope of learning and a perspective that are artificially limited.

I realize that proponents of atheistic science like to claim that a Christian worldview artificially limits scientists, thinking of the “flat earth” theory and the like. However, they have it exactly backward. Dr. Wile’s post linked above shows why. It’s also worth reading the comments below the post as Dr. Wile responds to some questions from someone called Josiah.

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