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Volunteer Needs

Needs in Lower Grades

  • Helper to monitor and assist students working independently during times when others are receiving their lessons. This can be done any time throughout the academic day.
  • Reading to younger children, especially kindergarteners in the afternoon.
  • Physical activities with kindergarterners in afternoon break-out groups.
  • Listening to children narrating the books and stories they have read and heard.
  • Correcting/grading seatwork in the afternoons.

Needs in Upper Grades

  • Correcting Bible History, possibly English, and sometimes other things like music.
  • Organizing a safe social activity for P.E. (Subject to limitations due to the season and classroom body)

General Needs

  • Recess monitors for morning, noon, and afternoon.
  • Plan field trips.
  • Plan and coordinate parties (Valentine’s Day, Christmas)
  • Come and share what you do with the class.
  • Make fabric fronts for two supply shelves in the commons area
  • Library organization (project has been started)

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