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Supply List For Grades 4–8

Students will have textbooks loaned to them. Some are hardcover books, some softcover books, some spiral-bound. Loaned books are for use year after year, as long as they can be made to last. We need to minimize the wear and damage our books endure by transporting them securely and treating them carefully. This helps to keep book fees lower.

  • Students must cover their hardcover books with a dust jacket, which can be made from a paper grocery bag. (Great for decorating with tasteful and respectful decorations.)
  • Softcover glue-bound books can have the covers reinforced with clear self-adhesive plastic. I will try to have this done before handing them out.

Students will also have some books meant to be written in. They need to take good care of these too. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that any books handed out are not lost or destroyed during the school year. Replacements will be obtained by the school at the lowest price we can find and billed through TADS.

All Upper Grades (5th-8th)

  • Assignment books will be provided to upper-grade students where they need to keep track of assignments and what they’ve finished.
  • An assignment note page (dubbed the “Weekly Task-O-Meter”) will be available each week. Students who get several days behind on their daily work will have to get this signed by parents each day to confirm that their parents are aware of the work.
  • A block of rectangular sticky notes: min 3×3, max 4×6 to be used as “desk flags” and reminders when awaiting help in another task.
  • Four boxes of tissues
  • One container of hand sanitizer
  • Combination lock for locker is optional. (Note that it must be unlocked immediately upon the request of staff.)
  • Pencils with extra erasers for the year; portable sharpener with shavings holder, or mechanical pencil with lead.
  • Pocket folder
  • 500 sheets wide-ruled filler paper, 3-hole punched (both sides to be used)
  • 200 sheets 1/4” graph paper, 3-hole punched
  • A composition book OR spiral-bound notebook and 1-inch 3-ring binder for each of these subjects:
    • English
    • Math
    • History
    • Bible History/Catechism
    • Latin
    • Literature
    • Logic
  • A 1/2-inch binder to hold drafts of work for Composition
  • Pack of loose-leaf binder separators to use as needed, especially if combining subjects in binders.
  • Bible. The ESV translation is preferred for the classroom. One with a useful set of notes is The Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House. Decorative covers are available for boys and for girls.
  • Our daily chapel devotion requires the use of a hymn book. To reduce the wear on our host congregation’s own books, students must each have their own copy of the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary. Those who don’t have one in working condition will receive one from the school, and the cost will be added to the TADS billing account. Students are responsible for keeping track of their copy and making sure it stays in usable condition.

4th Grade-6th Grade

  • A zip-lok storage bag and a handful of paper clips for math supplies. The bag should be kept in the math binder.

6th Grade

  • Protractor and Compass

7th Grade

  • Protractor and Compass
  • Students in Algebra 1/2 may use a calculator near the end of the year. (See 8th grade list.)

8th Grade

  • Protractor and Compass
  • Scientific calculator with trigonometry functions. Graphing not required.

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