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Volunteer Needs needing volunteers
Teachers will update this list as needed. You can register as a volunteer at the Boosters Volunteers page.
Assignments Listed by the Date Assigned
There may be times when school as a whole can meet, but parents may decide to keep their children home at their discretion due to weather or other factors. On days like that, teachers can post lists of homework here for reference, so that students can do their best to keep up with the rest of the class.

Mr. Radliff

Our lower-grades teacher is Mr. Doug Radliff. Mr. Radliff has taught in communities of the Columbia Gorge for many years and has a gift especially for teaching beginning students to read. Watch for announcements about this August’s “Running Start for Reading” program for new and growing readers, including students from other schools. It helps to beat the “summer slide” and is also used as a way to gently introduce CLS’s new students to the classroom routine.

Mr. Doug Radliff?
Mr. Doug Radliff

Supply List for Mr. Radliff (K-4)

Pastor Jacobsen

The upper-grades teacher and principal at Columbia is Pastor Jesse Jacobsen. You can contact him at

Rev. Jesse Jacobsen
Rev. Jesse Jacobsen

Supply List For Grades 4-8 (5–8)

Mrs. Jacobsen

Erica Jacobsen teaches science for all grades at Columbia as a volunteer. Her background is in middle school and high school education, with a specific concentration in chemistry and physical science. She taught in the high school classroom in Minnesota, and served as High School Editor for the Journal of Chemical Education for many years. She now does consulting work for the American Chemical Society.

Erica Jacobsen
Mrs. Erica Jacobsen

Mrs Jacobsen Supply List

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