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Student Families

Our students, together with their parents and siblings, are an important part of what makes the school strong. Their participation in fundraising and volunteer projects with Boosters, their connections with the School Board, and their cooperative relationship with our Teachers all work together to make Columbia one of the finest options for elementary education.

Daily Bulletin

Here you can find daily CLS announcements and reminders via the PowerSchool daily bulletin. You may want to bookmark it.

Changes to Home Page Including Weather-related Changes

You can subscribe to a feed to be automatically notified of changes to the main homepage of the site. When severe weather hazards are likely, these changes will probably be late start, early release, or cancellation announcements. To subscribe, use this link.

Announcement Mailing List

You may subscribe to an announcement-only mailing list to receive news about school closures, etc. Send an email to (Click the ellipsis [...] in that address to see the full address.) Or, click on the heading above to sign up with a Google identity.

Monday Mail

The Monday Mail newsletters are archived in Google Drive. See them here.


TADS is a company that provides services to schools. They provide secure financial need assessments of our families for the purpose of allocating tuition assistance fairly. Anyone can start a financial aid application through the link below. TADS charges a fee to complete this application. TADS also conducts billing and enrollment services for Columbia.

Click here to apply at

Orientation Summary

Click this heading to see a summary of information for the 2016-2017 school year orientation.

Latin Page

Here you will find tidbits on the Latin language and classical Roman (and Greek) culture, to enrich your understanding and study of Latin and the classics.

Google Apps for Education

CLS sincerely appreciates this service from Google for our school's online collaboration. Here are some links to that system (and elsewhere) that you may find useful, including our...


The heading above will open the CLS Handbook, a.k.a. the Parent and Student Policy Manual. This describes Columbia policies and procedures that directly affect parents and students.

Resources for Families

Here are some resources that our families may find useful in support of instruction at school or their own learning projects.

  • Memory Work for Christian Schools and Homes, a textbook for 8 grades of memory work from the Bible, hymns, and the Small Catechism. This edition has been adapted for the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, used at Columbia, and the ELS Small Catechism and Explanation, also used at Columbia.
  • Memorization Tool for students able to type in their own memory work.
  • See the Teachers' pages for supply lists for each classroom.

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