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Class Resources

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Bible History and Catechism

  • Memory Work for Christian Schools and Homes, a textbook for 8 grades of memory work from the Bible, hymns, and the Small Catechism. This edition has been adapted for the ‘ ’Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, used at Columbia, and the ELS Small Catechism and Explanation′, also used at Columbia.
  • Memorization Tool for students able to type in their own memory work.

Catechism (7th-8th grade)

  • Catechism students have an additional booklet to help learn basic parts of their catechism. The material is covered in class too, but these booklets provide a handy way to take it home and seek help from others in committing it to memory. A lesson must be signed off every Monday after a full week of school. Students are expected to memorize all bold-faced parts word for word, and to know other parts in their own words. Partial credit is available for students who make a serious attempt to complete the assignment.
    These booklets are available in printed form from the school, but the files above may be printed at home in case a booklet is lost and time is short. The pages are ordered for printing a folded booklet.

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