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Subject: Science

Columbia’s science classes are taught by Erica Jacobsen, who has been a creator and editor of science curriculum materials since the late 1990’s. Our studies are based on the biblical worldview. We learn about the scientific process of acquiring and verifying knowledge in the same tradition as Sir Francis Bacon, Blaise Pascal, and Sir Isaac Newton. Our purpose in this class is to learn about the created universe of which we are a part.

The biblical worldview differs from the worldview prevalent in public institutions, where any reference to God is not allowed. Because the Bible serves as limited documentary evidence relating to many scientific investigations, and because this evidence has been validated by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we consider it to be a valuable resource in our use of all other evidence. In other words, we uphold the Bible as the Word of God, and therefore as a legitimate, reliable basis not only for faith, but also for matters of scientific investigation.

There are three science classes scheduled at Columbia: for lower grades, middle grades, and upper grades. The assignment of students partly depends on their grade level, but also upon their aptitude for the teaching styles involved.

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