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Subject: English Grammar

“A schoolchild should be taught grammar for the same reason a medical student should study anatomy.” - E.B. White

Languages like English change over time. That’s why the Spanish language today sounds different than Italian, even though the Latin language was once spoken in both places. The grammar of a language describes the accepted ways that people use it, but a formal grammar such as we learn in this class also helps people to standardize the language they speak, so that they may better understand one another.

“Proper” English is defined by rules and conventions of style. Those who use it will have better success in their efforts to speak with others, and to express themselves in writing. Like Latin, it also helps the student to think in a more organized and effective way.

We use a series from Rod & Staff called the “Building Christian English” series. The short lessons expand the student’s knowledge of English grammar in measured steps, while the systematic review makes it second-nature. Diligent students should be able to finish their homework during the school day, but parents will find that occasional help and review at home boosts the student’s confidence and solidifies knowledge.

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