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Subject: Bible History

The history recorded in the Bible is part of the same timeline we study in world history, science, and other classes. At Columbia, we believe and teach that the timeline presented in the Bible is meant to be taken in its most natural sense. For example, the 6-day creation is described in Genesis as six literal days, while numbers found in apocalyptic prophecy like Daniel, Revelation, and Ezekiel, are naturally figurative. We don’t regard the Bible’s depiction of history in the same way as the guesswork of historians and archaeologists. Instead, we regard biblical history as divine revelation to peoples and cultures spanning several thousand years. We consider it to be true, though not meant to answer all the questions we may have.

The Bible is historical in what it presents, but it’s also a work that came into being through the course of history. We can study both aspects of Bible history.

While the lower grades work toward a familiarity with biblical events on the timeline, the fifth and sixth-grade classes begin a more methodical study of certain parts, using a workbook and their own Bible reading. This is good for anyone in its own right, but it also serves as preparation for the seventh and eighth-grade catechism classes, where the students are expected to learn biblical teachings in summary.

Bible history work consists mostly of exercises in a workbook, based on reading. It should be possible to finish it before the end of the school day, especially since the class meets only twice each week.

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