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Columbia’s school board is composed of six voting members, a number of advisory members, and other people serving as resources to the board.

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School Board

Herb Klaviter
Herb Klaviter*, Chairman
Larry Bennet
Larry Bennett*, Financial Secretary

Attach:RobertRinehart.jpg Δ|Robert Rinehart*

Linda Griswold*, Marketing

Connie Glesener
Connie Glesener*
Leanne Klaviter
Leanne Klaviter*, Boosters

Bette Nelson, Treasurer

Jesse Jacobsen, Pastor, CLS Principal

* Voting members of the school board. Others are either advisory members or resources for specific needs.

School board meetings are listed on the School Calendar.

Here is a list of Tasks Needing Volunteers. The School Board will update this list. You can register as a volunteer at Volunteers.

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