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Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, and Fifth through Eighth… Together.

We offer kindergarten through 4th grade, all in the same classroom. Likewise, fifth through eighth graders also share one classroom. The class size is limited to 15 students, maximum. This is an excellent application of the classical model of education, which doesn’t assume that students must be learning all subjects at their own designated grade level. When an advanced student in one subject is ready to learn with the older students, it’s possible to move on immediately. When a student needs more time in a certain subject, he may learn along with those who are slightly younger. The youngest grades strive to emulate the learning of the older grades, and have early exposure to concepts that will be coming in their future.

Kindergarteners are encouraged to stay for the whole day, with enrichment activities in the afternoon instead of academics. If parents and their kindergarteners don’t wish to do that, we welcome the parents to pick up their students early, at noon. The decision rests with the parents, because we consider them to be the primary educators of their own children.

In the morning, all students work at their appropriate levels alongside one another. At times, certain students may be supervised by volunteer aides in the library, or students with the academic capability may join the upper grades classroom (such as fourth grade Latin). After lunch, kindergarten students may accompany older students as they are able, play quietly in the classroom, or engage in more vigorous play in the library, under the supervision of volunteers. In the afternoon, our science teacher visits twice a week. Other days the students learn music and fine arts, and visit the library. Parents are invited to help with P.E. one day each week.

Soon after each day begins, the entire school meets for a brief chapel devotion. Most days, students also go outside in mid-morning for a 1-mile walk/jog around the property, followed by a snack for the K-4 students.

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