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How You Can Help

Volunteer Needs

See the Volunteers page and scroll down for a list of needs gathered from teachers, school board, Boosters, and others. To learn more, you can

Material Needs


You can help raise money for either supplementing tuition for school operation, or providing tuition assistance for our families.

  1. Direct donations are always appreciated, and are tax deductible. Sometimes there is matching money available to multiply the effect of your donation.
  2. Making your regular purchases with scrip from CLS directs a percentage of what you spend toward the school.
  3. Boosters coordinates fundraising activities optional for parent participation, but they still require volunteers to succeed.


If you’re interested in donating technology, this section may help you figure out what would help the most.


We use computers in the classroom for things like word processing, research, typing instruction, access to Google’s G Suite for Education, and beginning logic practice (including some introductory coding). We have been operating with nine donated desktop machines and two donated laptops. This is not enough for all of our students to use at once, and we don’t have enough room to provide workstations for all the students. Most of the machines we have are capable enough to meet our needs using the Xubuntu operating system (a distribution of GNU/Linux). One of the laptops must use a lighter OS, and one of the desktop machines is too slow to handle some of the things our students do. The school secretary is using an older, donated 32-bit machine that functions well, but some software (Google Chrome, for example) is no longer available for 32-bit machines, at least on Linux.

Possible Ways Forward

1. Replace our most aging computers as donated machines become available. We already have monitors, mice, and keyboards for the desktop machines, and a few spares too. We would be happy to receive donated PC machines with 64-bit, multi-core processors. Existing data on the hard drives will be deleted and the operating system replaced with Xubuntu. We may also be able to use donated Macintosh hardware, but it is uncertain how we would use it. It may not be feasible to reinstall the operating system.

2. Phase out our desktop machines in favor of laptops that students could use on battery power at their desks. Many schools have switched to Chromebooks because of their low cost and easy maintenance, but they also would limit our flexibility in software choices. Thousands of open-source applications are freely available in the Linux world, many of them useful for us. Other laptops present a different possible hurdle: hardware closed to Linux developers, and therefore unsupported. Laptop hardware support has improved greatly in the Linux world, but the most practical way to manage a group of laptops is to choose the model we will use. That’s not possible with donated laptops.

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