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CLS Remote Operations

On-site learning operations at Columbia will be suspended for the remainder of the school year. As part of our commitment to the education of our students, our staff will continue serving CLS families by providing materials and instructions so that this school year may continue at home. The general curriculum is already prepared in all subjects. If student families can access the Internet, we will be able to communicate well enough that students will hopefully not fall behind in their studies.

To facilitate remote learning, families should try to:

  • Identify a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer that can be used for watching video. If it plays YouTube, it should work for our purposes.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient Internet connectivity at home for students to work online. If there is not, Spectrum is offering 60 days of free Internet service for this purpose. To contact them, call 1–844–488–8395.
  • Identify a place that can be set aside for school work. It should be conducive to continuous focus on a quiet task. It will help if the computer can be used there when needed.

If there is a problem with these tasks, please contact the school ( or the teacher directly.

Recommendations for Students (adapted from WA OSPI):

  • It will be important to be patient with yourself, your classmates and your teachers…it’s new to everyone!
  • Get dressed as if you were going to school to cue your brain that there’s learning to be done.
  • Work with your family to set a schedule for your learning and for family time.
  • Identify the best available learning environment for you. Make sure it’s comfortable and a place where you are able to focus on your learning.
  • Your teacher and other students want to see you and hear your voice! Speak up and ask for help. You can call or text the number in the red box at the top of this page, or connect online with your teacher.
  • Be proactive in getting help when you’re feeling stuck. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help.
  • Take a study break! Go outside if you can.
  • This increase in screen time will be hard on your eyes. During breaks, look at things that are far away to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Families are encouraged to set schedules that include time for learning, snacks, meals, play time (movement),and social time.
  • Watch the volume on earbuds and headphones. Loud volumes can damage ears over time. When in doubt, turn it down.
  • Use all technology in safe and respectful ways. Use good sense.

All school students (or parents for very young students) should now be able to sign into Google Classroom and Gmail using their own school-assigned email addresses. Assignments are scheduled, given, and turned in through Google Classroom. Some assignments are completed within Classroom by working in Google Docs and other parts of G Suite.

Pickup and turn-in schedule

Check the School Calendar for planned dates and times for picking up and dropping off assignments at school. When we do this, parents are encouraged to observe social distancing if other families are present by entering the building through the playground door and exiting the opposite door. Student materials can be stacked on tables in the lunch area. If families are able to meet online (Google Hangouts, for example), it would be preferable to discussing assignments at school while other families are present.

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