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Tasks Needing Volunteers

Volunteers can

  • Express interest on this page as a first step. You should also email to get more information.
  • Commit to a scheduled volunteer need. Start by getting yourself into the Volunteers group:

General needs are listed below.

For Boosters

  • Planning/coordinating/selling unneeded curriculum donations to raise money
  • Planning/coordinating/running Kids’ Kountdown
  • Coordinate Boosters communication, especially online.
  • Organize and possibly catalog our library.
  • Make fronts for cubbies — possibly like the cloth front on the art shelf under the bulletin board. This will help greatly to keep students and others from getting into the contents of the shelves at inappropriate times. We need one on the music cubbies by the Lego Luther seal and one on the cubbies left of the kitchen passthru.

For School Board

  • Multiple monitors for before and after-school extended care. This is a paid position, based upon the fees generated.

For Teachers

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Volunteer Needs

Needs in Lower Grades

  • Helper to monitor and assist students working independently during times when others are receiving their lessons. This can be done any time throughout the academic day.
  • Reading to younger children, especially kindergarteners in the afternoon.
  • Physical activities with kindergarterners in afternoon break-out groups.
  • Listening to children narrating the books and stories they have read and heard.
  • Correcting/grading seatwork in the afternoons.

Needs in Upper Grades

  • Correcting Bible History, possibly English, and sometimes other things like music.
  • Organizing a safe social activity for P.E. (Subject to limitations due to the season and classroom body)

General Needs

  • Recess monitors for morning, noon, and afternoon.
  • Plan field trips.
  • Plan and coordinate parties (Valentine’s Day, Christmas)
  • Come and share what you do with the class.
  • Make fabric fronts for two supply shelves in the commons area
  • Library organization (project has been started)

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