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The CLS Boosters operate separately from the school to support it by raising money, which can help offset tuition costs, and completing projects that enhance Columbia’s program. Boosters are volunteers!

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The Columbia Lutheran School boosters is a volunteer organization including parents, teachers, church members, and friends of the school who wish to support activities beneficial to both home and the school. All members can bring their own unique views and expertise to the group. To join the Columbia Lutheran School boosters organization and/or receive periodic email updates about its plans and activities, please contact us at, or on our Facebook group.

Who are boosters and what do we do?Downloadable info sheet

Our School Calendar also collects events and times when volunteers are needed. Since these are not public events, you’ll have to be signed into the calendar to see them.

Here’s where you can list yourself as a possible resource or volunteer.
This list will be updated by the Boosters. You can volunteer using the link above.
Here’s where you see what the Boosters are up to, and who’s doing what.
Kids’ Kountdown 2017
Learn more about the Boosters annual New Year’s Eve fundraiser for the CLS Scholarship Fund.

The Boosters can change these pages as needed. Check back often!

Thrivent members can support the school by designating your Thrivent Choice dollars to Columbia Lutheran School. Our Unique ID for the Thrivent Choice program is 516245019.

To see the schedule of Boosters activity, look at the online calendar for events in the “Boosters” category.

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