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On Thursday, January 17, CLS will start on a 2-hour delay to allow the overnight snow to melt off and major roads to be cleared. Instad of opening at 8, we will open at 10 AM.

2323 E. 12th St. ∙ The Dalles, Oregon
(541) 701-9137Contact Us

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Columbia Lutheran School


To provide a quality classical Christian education for the families of the Mid-Columbia area, preparing students for their current and future God-given roles and supporting parents in their vocation to educate and nurture their children.


Tuition and Tuition Assistance

Like many schools nationwide, we use the TADS service to securely assess family applications for tuition assistance. (Student families, there’s more about TADS at your Home Page).

Virtual Tour

Pics of the school areas you can hardly see from the street. It’s hard to capture, so be sure to stop by.

Promotion and Discussion

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